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Corporate Links are simple. These are links to both software and hardware companies. To keep up on the latest and greatest tech, it is best to get it from the Horse's mouth so to speak. I do no take sides in any battles (PC vs. Mac, Linux vs. The World) so expect links to all.

Information Links are a bit more personal opinion than anything else. If I find a site with good info, I'll post it. These may have language that is inapporpriate for some folks - You have been Warned.

Gear Links are various online and brick-and-morter shops where you can find many of the parts, pieces, and other bits I use/mention here.

Enjoy the links and if you have any you'd like to see listed here, drop me a line through email and I'll check it out. Who knows... I may just add it!=D

*Translation: Mad Phat Links for the Technologically Inclined

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