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Viral System? Clean It Here!

I'm a stickler for a clean system. Take it from me, a single virus can turn an otherwise bright and shiny day into a cruddy one filled with cursing and possibly some violence. So, in an effort to raise awareness about various virii and do something about them, I have for you all the best toys from Trend Micro to keep your systems nice and tidy. Remember: There is no better protection against computer virii than knowledge and proactive thinking. Check your systems often and keep the net a cleaner place!

Anti-Virus Software

AVG Anti-Virus

Dr. Web CureIt!

Anti-Spyware Software

Lavasoft - Makers of AdAware


Spybot: Search and Destroy

All Purpose Software Fixes

Piriform - Freeware System Optimization/Recovery

Tweak Now! - Freeware System Optimization/Customization

Firewall Software

Zone Labs - Makers of Zone Alarm

Trustworthy Security Centers

Lavasoft Security Center

Symantec Security Response
Home - Pro

Zone Labs - SmartDefense Research Center

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