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~ Second Project ~
Frankenstine: The Techie Edition

Those who know my computer history know that my first personal computer was dubbed "Frankenstine." It was a mix of both monster and mad scientist in that it was a hodgepodge of pieces scavenged from dead systems and a few new parts but it worked so smooth I could create websites and other little monsters with it.Ever since, my main personal system has been named Frankenstine. It was where I learned the basics of computers, the building of systems, and sparked my interest in modding boxes. 'Tis time to honor it!

  1. Cleaning the case.
  2. Planning mods.
  3. Painting cases.
  4. Adding windows/extra fans.
  5. Final clean-up

1. Cleaning the case.

There wasn't much cleaning to be done on the case. I have been cleaning up my room and I tend to work under my computer desk connecting and reconnecting wires. The only thing that was really needed was to wipe off the light dust and pollen from the plastic front piece. The other case parts (Mostly metal) are to be sanded clean anyways so cleaning those at this stange is pretty pointless.

2. Planning mods.

- Outside Mods:

  • Paint: The case will be mainly black with some blue highlights. A good idea as to the blues would be to look at the site colors. This kind of paint scheme.
  • Windows and Images: I'll add a window to the far side panel (The one looking down on the board) as well and one on the board side panel (The one looking at the back of the board). The board side window will be behind a full panel painting of Techie. The far side window will have a large version of Techie's logo etched into it.
  • Lighted effects: I'm thinking of adding green light directly to the far side window and possibly shelling out some dough for that invisible UV Blue spray paint in a mesh pattern. I want to add blue light to the board side window.

-Inside Mods:

  • Fans and Cables: I'll add a UV fan and some rounded cables. Once again, I'm not going too far out on this one.
  • Holes: I need to open up the front to increase airflow. Might go 120mm since I have the room. I'll probably go smaller due to cash constraints. I'll put a vent in the back to let more air escape once it's inside.
  • Misc. Mods: A top fold-away handle would be nice. I am looking into a locking handle for the far side panel for security. I really want to mod a car ignition switch so I can use a funky car key to turn on my machine.=P

3. Painting cases.

I've begun wet sanding the case. I prefer a sanding sponge for this but wet/dry sand paper works too. I use a bucket of water with a little dish soap in it. I find it helps to keep the dust from gunking up the sponge. After sanding the panels down to the bare metal, I hit them with thin coats of Rustoleum white primer. You can use whatever primer you please. I chose Rustoleum because there products have yet to let me down and they are the first name that comes to mind in non-automobile, bare metal situations.

I've finished up some more sanding on the side panels and the top piece. The top and the far side panel have been primed and sanded smooth to remove much of the "Orange Peel" effect. Light coats of paint are key to a nice finish. One must lightly sand between coats to get the best effect in the end. 'Tis a long and tedious process but the final finish is well worth it.

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